Publikációs jegyzék / Publications

Tematikus jegyzék / Papers thematically grouped

Klóraluminát olvadékok / Chloroaluminate melts

J.9. Borisoglebskii Yu.V., Akhmedov S.N., Kaptay G., Vetyukov M.M., Dzambo P., Ratner A.Kh. Stability of metal-like refractory compounds in chloride melts (in Russian) - Tsvetn. Met. (Moscow), 1990, (6), 60-3

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J.2. Borisoglebskii Yu.V., Kaptay G., Vetyukov M.M., Boborin S.V. Durability of composite electrodes to be used in electrolythic deposition of aluminum from chloroaluminate melts (in Russian) - Tsvetn. Met. (Moscow), 1988, (10), 72-5 

J.1. Kaptay G., Borisoglebskii Yu.V., Vetyukov M.M. Equilibrium in the system molten aluminum/chloroaluminate melt (in Russian) - Tsvetn. Met. (Moscow) 1988, (2), 40-1